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Weddings at The Inn

Here at The Inn at Bella Vista, we specialize in couples who just want a small, private event for themselves.  Our elopement package fits those couples perfectly.

We also serve those brides who want a large wedding and need a central location for the bridal party and/or families and friends.  Located only minutes from the beautiful Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel, the Inn is ideal for out of town brides and their families.   Check out our wedding album.

A Wedding for Two

An Elopement Package with Options

For those couples to busy to do a lot of planning, the Inn offers a special package to create a beautiful wedding day without a lot of stress. This package includes everything except the license and clothes:

This package is also available for those wanting to renew their vows to celebrate a special anniversary.  

Bride Central

For couples getting married at the Mildred B. Cooper Chapel or other local churches or event venues, the Inn can be rented as the central venue for the bridal party.  With our large spacious rooms, getting dressed for all the special events and especially the actually ceremony is relaxing and comfortable.   Each room is set up for two people with one queen size bed and a private bath. Breakfast is included and snacks are available for the wedding party throughout the stay. Minimum stay of two (2) nights for weekend weddings (Friday and Saturday nights) and one (1) night for weekday weddings (Sunday through Thursday). 

Bride Central Weekend Package:

Bride Central Weekday Package:  


In addition to the special packages and receptions held here at the Inn, we offer a lovely, small photography package. Innkeeper Bill Williams is a talented photographer with years of experience. Starting as a newspaper photographer and serving in the Marine Corps as a photographer, he has had photos published in national magazines and newspapers. He has continued his photography work over the years and now offers his skills to brides and grooms at the Inn. Understanding the needs of couples wanting a small event, he has developed a package to accommodate their wishes.

Wedding Photography Package: